My latest self-written album, Delayed Union, is a collection of songs describing the tumultuous journey of life and the surprising outcomes in our search for love

Lisa Black, a native of South Louisiana, started writing suddenly after a dream, two years ago, on one early morning.  Since that day, she has continued to write an average of one song every day. Genres, so far, have included, bluegrass, rock, country, pop, and a little cajun folk music

“I am a small-town family doc and Mom, filled with years of stories and a whole bunch to say. Songwriting seemed like the best way for me to do it since the music never leaves”


Delayed Union, in medicine, describes a fracture that has taken too long to heal. Here’s the rest of the story:

Songs: (1)Over and Over (2)Runaway Train (3)Sinner and a Saint (4)Whiskey Bottle (5)Lead Me On (6)Do You See (7)Never Meant to Keep (8)Drive (9) Fool Who Fell for a Love Song (10)Tail of a Southern Wind (11) They Say (12) I’m Over You

lyrics and melody: Lisa Black

music composition: Jamie Higdon, The Nashville Pianoman; Jed Seneca

producer: Jed Seneca

Rockstars of Tomorrow:

Dr. Black has expanded, returning with new information to help her hometown by opening the South Louisiana location of Rockstars of Tomorrow, a music academy designed to empower the independent artist or dreamer through teaching music, marketing, photography and performing.

boots in the bluegrass:

a first bluegrass write in a world previously devoid of any such thing

combining Louisiana roots with some newly discovered bluegrass turns out some killer songs:

Songs: (1)Hair in a Biscuit (2) Louisiane Meets a Mountain Man (3) In the Wash (4) 1983 (5) Movin’ On (6) To Be with Me (7) Everything Tennessee (8) Lose their Light (9)Train from Nowhere

lyrics and melody: Lisa Black

music composition: Jamie Higdon, the Nashville Pianoman;         Joe Stark (Louisiane Meets a Mountain Man)

fiddle: Jeremy Garrett of the Infamous Stringdusters

producer: Jed Seneca

                                    creativity over perfection

“It’s not really love if you don’t love the real me”

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